nyc: day 1

Wow, New York City was an experience. We arrived on Thursday at around 2pm, and got to experience the city first with an open-top doubledecker bus tour. I truly marveled at the architectural beauty and range on this island; there’s beautiful neoclassicalism, but also very intricate Gothic and Art Nouveau influences, as well as some  iconic modern sculpture.
Tiles for America:
And we can’t forget the fire escapes!

We had dinner at Sapporo, a Japanese restaurant just off 7th Avenue. The veggie ramen was savoury, chewy, and the service was quick! I sadly forgot to snap a picture of the nommy deliciousness, as I couldn’t wait to dig in.  We then took a horse carriage ride around Central Park just after the sunset, and it was nice and cool. We passed by a group of people working out in the park, doing push ups on their yoga mats; my mom saw them and asked, “Are they filming a TV show or something?” Ha!
We stayed at Hilton Times Square, which is surprisingly affordable if you book ahead of time, and definitely in the middle of an action. I’ve lived in cities my entire life and seen plenty of others, but NYC was still a breath-taker. The pace is ridiculously fast, but even after just a few days, mildly addictive — I can imagine why people may find it hard to live anywhere else after experiencing New York.


Times Square is, of course, a magnet for hustlers. People are trying to make a living any way they can — pushing bus tour tickets or comedy show tickets, doing caricatures (or even 3D clay sculptures, in just 15 minutes!), or selling hot dogs, these people are trying to make it in this mad, mad world. And I have such respect for them.


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