nyc: day 2

The second day in New York was pretty great — I got to cross off two items from the 100 things list. First was visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a treasure trove containing some of the greatest objects and paintings in the world.

I definitely sought out the van Gogh paintings…

Seeing a painting in real life is so different from seeing a picture or a poster of it — it’s the chance of intimately getting to know them, to see their brushstrokes, each dab of paint applied, and thus then to imagine the artist doing so.

I also had the chance to pose with the great man himself!

The Met has an enormous collection of beautiful objects, a larger variety than the paintings I took pictures of, and unfortunately we had neither enough time nor stamina to see all of them in one day. It was definitely a worthwhile visit.
We then took awhile to recuperate, did a little bit of shopping around Times Square, before heading off to see Wicked!

What a tremendous show. Elphaba was played by Teal Wicks, and Glinda by Katie Rose Clarke, both of whom were great leads in their own ways. I didn’t expect Glinda to be such a great comic character, but she definitely brought lots of laughs, and both were amazing singers. Wicks in particular sent chills down my spine with her rendition of “I’m Not That Girl”. Really, really glad we got to see the show; the rest of the cast was also very good, and the special effects went off without a hitch.

After finishing at 10:45, we walked back towards the hotel and had a late dinner at Ruby Foo’s. It’s the first Asian restaurant I’ve been too which is darkly lit, but it did provide a nice atmosphere. The food was tasty and obviously made with fresh ingredients. A yummy end to a long day!


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