a treasure indeed

Since opening my Etsy store about a week ago, I’ve been busy adding listings, contributing to forums, and — the most fun — making treasuries.

A Good Book is the Best of Friends

I was ecstatic last night when my newest treasury made it to page 1 of the Treasuries feature. This was done by increasing the “hotness” of the treasury; although I do not know exactly what algorithms determine hotness (for it’s not in order of the number of views, numbers, or comments), I will share what it is I did to get my treasury to the first page:

1. Use a strong colour combination

As an artist, this is the most important to me. Treasuries are intensely visual. For this treasury, I started off the with the 3rd piece from the left on the second row, which has the two main colours purple and yellow.

I then sought out other pieces with those colours, in more muted tones. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out!

2. Find an interesting theme

A lot (a majority?) or treasuries have some sort of colour theme, or colour palette, so for your treasury to stand out it needs something else too. You could use a popular/trending theme (such as Father’s Day or geometric shapes), or just use a theme which intrigues you (TGIF, butterflies, mix tapes, etc.).

I picked the theme of books because I’m nerdy literary like that!

3. Post in treasury promotion teams!

I’m currently in 4 of the largest treasury promotion teams on Etsy. The way these team works is a simple pay-it-forward structure: for getting the chance to share and promote your treasury, you must promote those of others by viewing, commenting, and clicking. The average number of treasuries you have to promote is 7-10.

I’ve found that this really makes the difference between being a well-liked but not very influential treasury, and being a very “hot” treasury.

4. Create a treasury at a time of high site activity

This makes common sense — when there’s more people on the site, there is more chance for your treasury to collect views, comments, and clicks. Of course, this also means that you could have more competition, but doing the other points of this list right should give you an advantage.

I created my treasury at around 7PM EST. This is usually the time people hop onto the internet after dinner.

5. Use your circle

While your treasury promotion teams will get you a great number of hits to get rolling, I find it’s usually circles — which is an indicator the number of connections, and influence, you have on Etsy — that keep it going. This means adding people to your circle who have good taste and influence, and getting added back.

If you made a ripple in the pond, the wave will only propagate because each ripple is the source of new ripples (makes sense even if you’ve forgotten your high-school physics!).

5. Use a mix of well-known and lesser-known shops. 

This simply means that not all of the items you showcase are already well known on the site, and so gives the Treasury a sense of novelty and discovery, which adds to the handpicked nature of the feature. By lesser-known, I mean shops with less than 100 or less than 50 sales.

And that’s it for now!

I’ve been working hard on some new designs for the store, and am also resolving to post at least once every two days. Let’s hope that goes well!


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