in challenge lies opportunity

Last night I was working on a new design — writing it out, transferring onto the linoleum block, and carving away. And of course, it didn’t occur to me anything was wrong.

Do you see it?

The problem is — you can read it, and you’re not supposed to. When creating the master from which your prints will be made (be it a copper plate, linoleum block, or wood block), the design you carve must be the vertical reflection of the design you wish to make. It’s common sense. Unlike previous designs, this time I had handwritten the words instead of using a computer program, and flipping the image on the computer.

And I didn’t notice it for over an hour.

I got upset. Much too upset. The boy tried to cheer me up, and I tried to stay positive, but for some reason it just got to me. How did I make such a stupid mistake?

I didn’t want to waste a piece of linoleum and thought that I should carve on the back of the block. However, I couldn’t do the same thing of carving around the letters again due to the block’s shallow depth, and simply didn’t have the patience.

So I decided to carve in the words, instead of around. This isn’t my usual style, and I was afraid it would look horrible.

But I tried it.

It turned out more beautiful than I could have imagined before.

Every challenge is an opportunity.

P.S. I’ll be listing this print, and 2 other designs, in lots of colours this coming week! Very excited. ETA: This print is listed and available for purchase here.

P.P.S I just started my Facebook page!


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