Photo by Ryan Coleman

Shortly after returning from my vacation, I was invited up to my boy’s lovely camp (Northern Ontario slang for cottage) with his family and family friends to celebrate his 19th birthday.

Up there on shores of Lake Huron, I spent five peaceful days without neither internet access nor running water. I finished three books (finally catching up with my yearly reading goals), floated on the lake, and just sat on the porch listening to songs from the 70s. I even woke up before 8am without an alarm! Bliss — well, except for the mosquitoes.

But I am back home now, a bit more tanned and a lot more rejuvenated. And the good news is I do have a few posts of things I want to share, including those East Coast photos I keep talking about!

Let’s make August a good month.


lucky fridays

Last Friday I was ecstatic to make Etsy’s Front Page, and now after returning from my awesome Maritimes vacation, this Friday I find that I’m in the latest Etsy Finds newsletter. The theme was “Let’s Move to the…”:

That’s my “Nowhere Better Than This Place” print in violet being featured! I’m so flattered, and of course very happy. Feels like I’ve made it to the big leagues, even though I still have miles to go.

Vacation post and pictures still to come!

front page!

Earlier this morning I was excited to find a Statsy email telling me that I had been featured on Etsy’s Front Page! Although it wasn’t during a “peak hour”, it’s so immensely exciting.

It was a lovely treasury featuring shops participating in Christmas In July, an Etsy-wide event from (officially) July 14th-24th where stores have special offers or sales to encourage gift-shopping for Christmas early this month. Some shops run their sales for the entire month.

I’m participating with the code “CIJSHIP” for free international shipping on your prints! The code will be good until July 31st.

I will be leaving for Halifax tomorrow morning for my 6-day Maritimes trip; I will definitely come back with lots of pictures! My Etsy shop will be staying open so you can take advantage of Christmas In July, and I will be answering convos at least once a day, but all orders will have to be shipped after I get back in Toronto. Better get back to packing!


this and that

Spent two hours picking cherries from the backyard tree the other day. Sadly hat to trim down some of its branches, because it was starting to grow towards the roof and the eaves.

We also have a pear tree, and recently planted apple and plum trees. Yummy fresh fruit to look forward to!

The maritimes trip has been roughly planned out — we’ll be visiting Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI (staying at Halifax, Lunenburg, Moncton and Charlottetown) and spending a lot of time among beautiful scenery. The specific activities haven’t been mapped out yet — but they’ll have to be soon, since we’re leaving next Saturday! Some things we’ll be amiss to not do (like seeing the Anne of Green Gables House), but there are things that haven’t been set down in stone yet. 

I’ve also been working on my 100 things list — next up, #81: watch 5 documentaries. The truth is, I’m not a big movie watcher. I haven’t even seen The Dark Knight (I know, I know).

I have already acquired the 5 documentaries, largely inspired by Joanna Goddard’s recommendations and by the comments in that post. Can’t wait to watch and talk about them later!