wake me up when september ends

September has just flown by! Where do I start? Since the last time I posted, I…

1. Added a customizable print to INK ! STOMP, inspired by a custom request:

2. Met (and then passed) my sales goal of 50 for the summer, on August 29th. OPA!
3. Packed up my work tools and all the rest of my things to my new home 2.5 hours away.
4. Welcomed some awesome freshmen to my Alma Mater during Orientation Week:

5. Celebrated an anniversary with the best boyfriend in the world:

Taken on his birthday, July 2011.

6. Began the adventure of cooking for oneself (including learning to peel potatoes! Super exciting.)

7. And started listening to Florence and the Machine’s forthcoming single on repeat:


And that’s it for now!