this and that

Spent two hours picking cherries from the backyard tree the other day. Sadly hat to trim down some of its branches, because it was starting to grow towards the roof and the eaves.

We also have a pear tree, and recently planted apple and plum trees. Yummy fresh fruit to look forward to!

The maritimes trip has been roughly planned out — we’ll be visiting Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI (staying at Halifax, Lunenburg, Moncton and Charlottetown) and spending a lot of time among beautiful scenery. The specific activities haven’t been mapped out yet — but they’ll have to be soon, since we’re leaving next Saturday! Some things we’ll be amiss to not do (like seeing the Anne of Green Gables House), but there are things that haven’t been set down in stone yet. 

I’ve also been working on my 100 things list — next up, #81: watch 5 documentaries. The truth is, I’m not a big movie watcher. I haven’t even seen The Dark Knight (I know, I know).

I have already acquired the 5 documentaries, largely inspired by Joanna Goddard’s recommendations and by the comments in that post. Can’t wait to watch and talk about them later!


i won, i won!

#99 on my list: “Win a contest, any contest”.
Well, guess what? Already completed!

I entered the Banner and Badge Design contest for Malabrigo March over at the Malabrigo Junkies group on Ravelry, an annual festival of celebrating the softest, squishiest yarns I’ve ever had the joy of creating with. I had just recently acquired some more Adobe Creative Suite programs, and was eager to try my hand at making something — plus, a contest! With yarny prizes!

My first entry actually didn’t win, but I think it quite witty myself (and quite true!):

So there we are — first real item off the list. I can’t wait to see what prizes I’ll receive! Although I didn’t get to contribute any projects to Malabrigo March, due to being in a long-distance relationship with my yarn while at university, I’m glad I participated!

I think I’ll just daydream about holding some squishy skeins in my hand while I go back to hitting to books for my end-of-term exams…