19, and more.

Last Saturday I turned 19.  18 treated me pretty well; I learned many things both in and out of the classroom, and have met some people who have become very important to me. It’s taught me that I really do have the drive to achieve what I want, and also that I am who I am — an introvert who prefers a quiet night in anytime — even in a new environment with new people and a chance to reinvent myself. And, well, I like that.

There are also many things that I wish I had done, and I’m going to set down some plans and try new things next year. I’m also going to be an orientation leader in September for the class of 2015, and I hope I will be able to pass on some of the things I’ve learned.

Of course, there is always the list of 100 which is an ongoing project. I plan to accomplish quite a few things on there this summer, the first of which will be a trip to New York from May 5th to 8th, which I will document and report back on! The itinerary already sounds amazing, but I will be doing a little bit more research to flesh everything out.

Something else which has been on my mind is: Doctor Who! I was able to watch The Impossible Astronaut last Saturday,  and am looking forward to seeing what I’ve heard is a mind-blowing second parter this weekend. So many questions and so far, no answers whatsoever. Matt Smith is my Doctor, and Steven Moffat my showrunner — for though I saw some sporadic episodes of the RTD and Tennant era, I was not yet a devotee — and I believe this season will be the best, most intriguing, one yet. It is cruel to split up the season, but I will wait patiently…or impatiently…because I’m sure it will be worth it. I guess in the middle I will have to tided over by some Torchwood!

Bowties are indeed cool, and even better on a newly-converted Whovian who looks like a sharply dressed, ginger Doctor. I crocheted this using this Craft bow tie pattern, with some squishy Diamond Fine Merino DK in an eye-searing red and a 4.0mm hook.

It was a relatively quick project, and served its purpose for a formal social well, but if I were to make it again, I would definitely have sized it down. The fabric would also need to be stiffer to keep its form better, since the weight of the yarn needs to be taken into account.

I am actually thinking of writing a pattern for a knit-in-the-round bowtie, as the only knit pattern I can find right now is done in double knitting (this Knitpicks one) and fingering weight. And I think some Whovians would probably like that!