bird man: joyful music

It’s not Monday, but I wanted to share this gem that I stumbled upon many months ago. I remember that feeling of euphoria the first time I heard his music, and it still makes me smile.

And then there’s also this video, where a guy with a fake beard joins in dancing at around 2:10.



My grade 6 English teacher used to have a folder labelled “Ketchup” that had old worksheets for kids that missed a class and needed to do some catching up, and since then I’ve always thought it was a funny trick of a pun.

Anyway, what have I been up to? I was fortunate enough to find a job at a wonderful periodontal office, helping out at planning some seminars in the fall, creating some patient education brochures, and  generally solving certain problems which arise daily. It’s stimulating and challenging, and I’m really enjoying it!

That keeps me busy 9-5 most days, and the rest of time I’m reading, working on a few crafty projects (which I can’t talk about just yet…it’s top secret!), and preparing to move back to Kingston at the end of the month. It’s insane how close September is – only about 2.5 weeks away – and how much my routine is going to change again.

In other news, Dots and Loops has opened in Lunenburg! Check out their beautiful store pictures here. Many congratulations to Melanie and Stephen.

Lastly, to make up for the music I missed this Monday, one of my favouritest songs:

swagger monday

Rozzi is so talented and has so much swagger that she could literally  sing out my e-mails and I would be mesmerized.” Word.

This awesome video is found via HelloGiggles, a hip new website that’s filled with awesome articles of all kinds (entertainment, beauty, Illustrated Tweet of the Day, and cool projects like this Video Chat Karaoke!)